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  • Positive Influence for Dentists

    You and your team will have 24/7 access to Alvarez University's full curriculum with more than 100 training models and new courses being added each week. These modules are formatted to represent 5-10 minute lectures; instructing you on telephone mastery skills, handling objections, need analysis, consultation skills and so much more.

    Upon completion of each chapter there will be a series of multiple choice and true/false interactive questions. Team members will not be able to proceed to the next chapter until they get a 100% passing grade. Once all chapters are passed, participants will receive a Level 1 Certification from Alvarez University.

    Purchase includes up to 20 users with full access to the Alvarez U curriculum. Yearly contract at zero percent interest will be billed at $249.99 per month for a total program price of $3,000.00 per year or pay in full and receive a 10% discount for $2,700.00 per year.

    What's Included

    What's included?

    • 20 users with full access to the complete Alvarez U curriculum
    • Level 1 Certification
    • Analytics and Progress Reports for Managers (Doctors) to monitor Team members training progress
    • Receive additional quarterly modules and testing

    The Curriculum Modules:

    1. Positive Influence Over The Telephone X
    2. Case Presentation: Handling Objections X
    3. Case Presentation: Need Analysis X
    4. Consultation Skills X
    5. Getting Photos From Patients X
    6. Video Testimonials X
    7. The Modern Psychology of Selling X
    8. Weapons of Influence X
    9. The Magic of Rapport X
    10. How to Maximize the Patient Experience X
    11. How to Design a Presentation that is Impossible to Refuse X
    12. Advertising 101 X
    13. How To Get Free PR X
    14. Search Engine Optimization X
    15. How to Get Patient Testimonials X
    16. How to Shoot In-Office Social Media Video X
    17. How to Produce Your Own Local TV Show X
    18. Leadership vs. Management X
    19. Self Mastery X
    20. The Law of Attraction X
    21. How To Discuss Payment Plans X
    22. Closing Workshop X
    23. Internal Marketing X
    24. External Marketing X
    25. How To Double Trust X
    26. Presenting At The Emotional Level X
    27. Adapting To Change X
    28. Best Practices X
    29. Advanced Persuasion Skills X